It’s a pass that most bloggers will wear if they haven’t already. The blogosphere is in its fourth year since it was updated and serves as an important blogger to get inspiration, understanding, but also to explore and find new blogging in the community. I have my hands on every magazine from the beginning and it’s pretty damn amazing to see how it was created for a pretty thick release!
Since I don’t do many fashion or beauty blogs every day, the magazine really serves the purpose of me to come up with suggestions for some of the most beloved blogging individuals that I haven’t immersed my time zone in. I even had a few tweets and Instagram photos posted on the pages of this show! The founder of Alice magazine is also a super duper beautiful and personally very supportive of every blogger, and it’s good to know that someone is back in his community who are constantly expanding it.

Introductory journal

This magazine is my new love when I discovered it through Gemma’s (Drorkface) blog a long time ago. It has been described as the UK’s first lifestyle and lifestyle magazine, highlighting women in the media and creative fields, and I love it very much. The issue I recently raised focuses on the topic of self-love, and it only forces me to focus on women’s power, optimism and positive vibes in their short interviews with like-minded female employers.
The result is very small and easy to carry with you, it is also full of beautiful photos. I especially enjoyed being part of a magazine playlist and sharing what they posted when it was time to move it, and now I have a cover playlist for every song on this page. This may seem a bit priced on Bruce’s page, which is a £4.50 figure, but I can assure you it’s worth buying.


If there’s one thing that’s a good knife, it’s a free magazine with the latest news and rumors about the music industry. NME is a fantastic free magazine that is released weekly, small but perfect for downloading content for daily trips. Every time I’m in the center, I can click on my HMV store and pick up the latest edition I can get my hands on. It contains some good little reviews about the latest releases and gives you a round of the best performances of the week. Definitely give this read if you like music.


This is the most expensive magazine I’ve ever got my hands on, OH COMELY Publishing started with three university friends bedroom projects that are now produced by a small publisher. Focusing on history, movies, music, fashion, antics and ideas, it will be a great permission for women to dive in. I liked magazine headlines, each of which was very good for me and fully involved. The release is a short sentence of words that I originally loved, the problem I recently bought was that it was a key point and I liked it. I like their aspect of what they read, including Roald Dahl’s Matilda, which is music to my ears. This magazine is very important, I will definitely buy more of these in the future, even with a price tag.
They have a blog that you can pop up so that some of their newspaper articles are actually converted to the blog format you like, but I ask you to get the real thing in paper form. This is a great magazine that allows visitors to live happily at your coffee table while you go and make them a cup.

Distance citizens

I have a little love/hate relationship with Cosmopolitan, I always write about them 100% and disagree with the way it’s written, but always seem to end up in my hand, especially when it sells for just £1. But what I like about cosmo vibe is that in their episode of “Self Made” it focuses on women’s employer and how they got their lives, there is a page that I always correct when I catch a magazine. Even for many magazines like Cosmo that stick to ad-sized pages, I totally agree that there are a lot of them, and that’s probably why I don’t like the magazine as best I can. This magazine is for fashion and beauty bloggers or casual lifestyle bloggers.

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