Which magazine do you prefer reading?

Do you already have a mental picture in mind? Probably one of your favorite publisher’s magazine covers.

That would be the Afghan woman that graces the cover of National Geographic, in my opinion. Or one of the famous Beyonce-adorned Vogue covers. You probably already know precisely the pictures I’m referring to. That is how powerful a well-designed magazine cover can be. Stunning, no?

This article will demonstrate how to create a magazine cover that stands out from the competition and sticks in your reader’s mind. Until the next issue, at least.

Together, we’ll examine the components of a magazine cover design and discuss the aesthetics, typography, location, and psychological makeup of the reader—basically, all the processes necessary to produce a magazine cover design that will quickly fly off the shelves.

What components go into creating a magazine cover?

When someone looks at your magazine, they immediately notice the cover. They will purchase it if it resonates with them. However, a fantastic body will make it easier for you to sell it and pique readers’ interests and encourage them to read the entire magazine. That is indeed how important a magazine cover is.

But how can you tell if a cover is adequate? You can rapidly determine this by studying the icons of magazine cover art and drawing inspiration, so don’t worry.


Of course, we must begin with the most significant. The most critical component of any magazine cover design is the masthead, which displays the title of the journal. The masthead stands out among the other members when magazine covers are expertly created. Therefore, placing it squarely in the middle and enlarging it are intelligent practices. Additionally, it will make your publication easier to find among the competition.

So use a large, strong font for the masthead to emulate magazine designers. Don’t forget that the masthead’s color plays a significant function in enhancing its impact. Therefore, changing the title’s color to correspond with the picture and overall front cover design is beneficial.