Do your research

Before you create a fashion magazine, you should look for inspiration in other fashion magazines, online or printed. Create a set of things you like. You will find interesting ideas such as cool type combinations, favorite layouts, or trendy color palette inspiration.
You may ask yourself: How and where to store this information?
We recommend using the mood board as a photo gallery with photos, fonts, and colors to define your fashion magazine style.
This technology will improve your creativity, help you stay more organized, discover new ideas and keep the same mood throughout the fashion magazine.

Show content trends

Content is very important for fashion magazines. Attract the attention of fans. Readers are always looking for something new, and you should try to rise above their expectations. Here are some popular examples of articles you can find in fashion magazines (you should also have your own):

Fashion magazines usually focus on the latest trends of the season and try to present them creatively
In the next section of beauty tips and tricks, you can find suggestions on how best to look and what ingredients to use
Articles about the most influential people in the fashion industry or interviews with celebrities you can inspire
The next section is Health and Care, where you can find recipes, life tips and information on how to maintain a balanced diet

Configure installation

Fashion magazine design is to structure all the information in a way that the reader will be interested in. However, when designing the layout, you need to know the basics of the elements of the layout of the newspaper page. Here are the items on the home page:

Journal name

Write an attractive title and place it at the top of the page to get the attention it deserves. It should be larger than the rest of the text, so the reader knows something very important. This creates a hierarchical structure of content on a different volume when you process texts.


It attracts the attention of the reader and creates a strong connection between the name and the body copy. Kicker size must be smaller than title and larger than text. This may be of a different nature. Depending on most articles, you should start first when you create a template. Specify the correct margin, column, and text size. The readability of the article depends on it. They are parts of text that provide detailed information about the images, along with the images. They often appear in fashion magazines, as they provide important information that the reader needs to know about photography. It is usually placed on or under the image.

Fashion magazine covers are one of the most important parts, and since this is the first contact the reader needs for your magazine, it should be designed to be attractive. You may have noticed that most fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan use the same rule in card design that includes wallpaper – a fashion icon, model or celebrity portrait. The most important information displayed on the cover of the video is Mastid. It is very visible because it is at the top of the page and you need to know which newspaper you are buying. Other texts on the cover include examples of credit, coverage line, primary blanket, price, and issue date. The cover should be very sympathetic. You can play different photography techniques. You want visitors to be interested because they want to buy it.

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