The magazine’s main issue is reflected in the lead article. Interviews with artists, subject matter experts, and others are possible. It is advised to use a distinct typeface for the lead article to clarify the issue’s subject and primary plot.

back-up cover lines

Themes for the supporting cover lines can be related to the central theme or be entirely separate topics. Balance is crucial when positioning them on the magazine’s cover. Be sure to keep them brief, straightforward, and to the point. To prevent detracting the reader from the critical issues, use a more subdued font and a smaller size.

A bar code

The bar code area is typically created by the printing facility with which you work, but it’s helpful to plan for it and keep it in mind when creating the cover. Try to leave a small space in one of the corner areas for the bar code. Perhaps you have also observed that some magazines add the price above the bar code, which is unnecessary. You can select the one that suits your cover the best and even alter the location in other issues.