You have a great blog, a new brand or a creative company, and you want to translate your content into something a little longer. To help you get started, we’re excited to introduce our brand new collection of downloadable magazines and list templates. These templates, which contain spaces for photos, videos, text, and ads, are great for anyone who wants to change content or start creating from scratch.

These templates are compatible, you can download everything you need to do for free, download, design and distribute! New In Design Look at us. Once you’ve completed a brand new release, you can share a brand new edition with your audience for free!

Issuus Marketing Toolbox

Creating a brand new edition and uploading it to Issuu won’t stop the fun. We help publishers create their content once and share it everywhere. Issuu Story Cloud is a set of digital publishing products available to all types of companies, brands and developers, magazines, marketing companies, etc.

Tell me your story

With Issuu Story Cloud, you can now easily share your content on new platforms and platforms. Whether it’s your website, story sharing or community – you can do anything with Issuu. Since stories are now the most popular and influential media format that connects and captures new audiences, we have developed a streamlined social media sharing solution.

Visual stories

With Issuu Story Cloud, you can create unique visual stories that increase engagement and communication with your fans. Create unique and immersive visual stories that require animation, images, text, and videos with Inspire and Voice templates for Instagram, AMP, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. Let’s accept this we realize that newspaper design can be time consuming and expensive. When startup newspapers open their doors for the first time, it’s important that your money is tight and lean budget. Even if you don’t have employees at home who fully prepare your magazine, you can be a career extinguisher who can understand the process and make some corrections independently. Even if you have internal staff, creating files correctly and budgeting on a printer can be a challenge in time.

If it’s you, you can subscribe to Creative Cloud (usually from around $70/MO for business), you can control costs and creative control to create your own template. To help you take on this challenge, I’m adding this step-by-step guide. Before you begin, take advantage of the free template download, which you can follow. Or, to create a custom template for yourself, press the “Talk to expert” button.