The appearance of “O” in “Oprah” magazine seems to have won an Oscar. To make a difference, verify that your product looks like other publications. In fact, O’s recommendation helped an entrepreneur’s sales increase by 60% within 30 days. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Speaking of this scare, her heart is in desperate need of a consciousness-breast cancer. It’s so much Oprah Magazine, this issue can be discussed first. Knowing how valuable it is to get features in O, you must consider your competitors and understand that, just like the Oprah Winfrey Show, the magazine’s standards are the toughest in the industry. O Magazine is proud of a publication that values ​​beauty, courage, attention to the details of interpersonal relationships, and amazing things that people do in the world. The following are 3 things, you should know, if you want to be in O, Oprah Magazine features:

1. Your product packaging must be beautiful.

If your product packaging and the product itself are not an eye-opener, it may not go to O, Oprah Magazine. Jeanine Boiko, a J9 public relations company, has put her client Bonjour Fleurette in a magazine three times to provide this experience for three different products: “For a product that works at O, ask yourself: If you walked somewhere Your product, will it attract your attention and make you stop? It must have a unique and attractive packaging that will be taken well. My suggestion is, especially for new business owners, not to use packaging At the end of the day, everything is about the drawing of your packaging.

2. Your tone must be meaningful.

Therefore, before you publish a publicity, follow the advice of D dawn Raffel, the executive article editor of Oprah magazine, and the magazine teaches people how to live their best lives: Wandering is to achieve their maximum potential. It is to contribute to others. Whether you want to write about yourself, write, or write about others, ask yourself these two questions: “Did you change in a big way? Genevieve Pituro, the founder of the Pajama Project, gets it in both ways” Yes”. Her charity provides new pajamas for abused and poor children. Many mothers of children are in prison. Some of these children have never owned pajamas before, and they are not new pajamas. When you think of children When you have to wear a pair of fresh pajamas to sleep in at night, and it is not a tattered and dirty shirt, it reminds you of the image of a safe house company. Pituro scored a lot on two points: he used Opp One of the most important areas to pull: abused children. He created an amazing effort that attracted the interest of many people, considering the emotional pull of the old boy. It made me want to buy pajamas and donate money to this worthy cause. First.

3. Your pitch must be written well.

O’s readers expect the content to dig deeper into emotional, physical and mental health. Oprah’s magazine conveys expectations by finding top writers and freelancers from the best national magazines and newspapers in the country. They are looking for writers from publications such as the New York Times to write on various topics such as women’s slavery, how men really feel breast implants, and the death of a beloved dog. You can accept interviews from experienced writers, or write special topics on topics that touch the hearts of O Magazine readers. It may take 1 to 2 years before you can publish in the “O” of “Oprah Magazine”. But I never met a soul word that is not worth it. Henry David Thoreau said, “If a person is confident to move in the direction of his dream and strives to live his imaginary life, he will experience unexpected success in a few hours together. So. If entering O is one of your dreams, continue to move towards it, all the tulips are steadily towards the sun.

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