One of the keys to successful advertising and marketing is to start a familiar logo. Some advertisers may say that even brand recognition is more important than a buzzword or jingle, and persist in the minds of consumers. Mazda is the world’s leading automaker, and it launched the Curl-Zoom Sport nearly ten years ago. A childlike miracle, driving fast and zooming in a small car attracts many consumers and phrases have been stuck. For many of us, we remember the days when we were born and played with toy cars, trucks or airplanes. Zoom is a word used to express fast transportation, which is fun and fast. The word ┬ęZoom-Zoom├│ is associated with the Mazda brand, so the company decided to name its customer magazine in a similar way.

Awards Success for Mazda

Zoom-Zoom is a customer magazine, published three times a year to benefit consumers around the world. In December 2011, Mazda’s premiere magazine was named the best car award for the second consecutive year. The annual APA International Content Marketing Award honors the company, believing that its logo and brand are spiritual and fashionable. More than 1.5 million consumers received the publication, and the award helped it beat other high-brand competitors in the category. The award is highly appreciated and is considered similar to the Oscar in the field of editorial marketing because it involves the field of branding, customer communication and creative customer publishing. Toyota, Volvo, Jaguar, Porsche and Audi are all considered to belong to the same award, but they all fail to meet this requirement. In a highly competitive industry, automotive content marketing has collapsed.

Eden Mazda Award

The honor of this award is a further extension and proof of Mazda’s efforts in all aspects of automobile manufacturing. From technological advances to improve the efficiency of electric vehicles to advertising campaigns for consumers, as the market and industry continue to progress and improve, the first-class manufacturers will continue to flourish. Committed to producing small details and quality assurance in all aspects, helping automakers continue to provide excellent products and performance. The Zoom-Zoom publication is an excellent publication for customer communication, an ideal example of achieving article submission in the areas of sales and industry recognition. Mazda promises to continue to improve its performance and improve overall customer communication with brand elements.

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