Decoration and retro magazine ads, do you remember the good days? Everyone can be nostalgic, but through art to express the nostalgic environment? With…

Decorated with retro magazine ads.

Do you remember the beautiful old days? Everyone can be nostalgic, but how can you express the nostalgia environment through art? With the recent development of retro nostalgia, new trends in decoration include collecting and displaying vintage magazine advertisements.

For example, if you have a family bar, you might be interested in framing some old Ballantine beer or Jack Daniels ads. If your first car is a 1969 Chevrolet, you may want to frame a vintage Chevrolet ad.

The colorful full-page ads seem to inspire the greatest interest, although there are really classic black and white ads. These advertisements contain some truly classic looks from the past days, and you can only watch them today. Before the advent of computer graphics, most of these advertisements required artists to render, and these advertisements are rarely used today. The attention to detail in many of the advertised artworks is simply amazing.

Vintage magazine ads

More than just classic looks, they provide a glimpse of how different eras and society see the world. For example, many cigarette advertisements in the 1940s and 1950s featured famous actors, actresses and sports figures. You will never see the “PC” (Political Correction) world today.

On the other hand, in the past advertisements, there are many depictions of American life in China.

The advertisement for Campbell’s Soup is that a slender girl eats two bowls of hot soup from the cold. A family eats together, travels together, travels together…just being together in a bland way is more examples of how the times have changed.

This trend led me to start collecting and eventually selling classic ads. I heard some sages. A lot of advertisements decorate the family bar, garage and game room. The best child so far is a client who plans to wallpaper his bathroom with vintage soap and perfume ads. Really creative!