If you want to submit a picture to a magazine for publication in order to gain exposure, you may want to perform some work to ensure that the publication accepts your picture.

Indeed, most magazines have their own photographers. However, some magazine publications occasionally or regularly use freelance photographers to shoot their staff photographers only. Does it mean you can submit your own profile? Yes, usually, as long as you follow certain guidelines.

A guide to how to submit pictures to a magazine

First of all, you cannot submit printed photos. This is because the digital team cleans up the drawings before sending them to the printer. The best option is to send your images along CD-ROM format.

To submit images correctly, please make sure you know the correct pixel size and resolution to send them. It will ensure that the magazine can see your images, no matter what operating system they use. Indeed, many people use Microsoft Windows, for example, others have moved to Apple Mac or Linux. Therefore, you must ensure that your pictures can be displayed in any format. It means that if you don’t have software, make your image the appropriate resolution, invest some if you plan to make it a regular event.

You can save images in different formats. Usually, you will use GIF, GPG and PNG. No matter which operating system is used, JPG is the most compatible. When submitting images, please include your name and address, and a description of the contents of the CD. One way is to use the program Adobe Photoshop. Using Photoshop, you can store the image in a folder on your computer, select “File”, “Auto” and “Contact Sheet”. Then, just select the paper size and number of images on each “paper”.

Make sure that the image is of sufficient size for easy viewing. If the images are too thin, they will be too difficult to see and not too likely to be selected. Editors don’t have a lot of time to view images, so make the image as large as possible within the scope of the reason to ensure that their work is as simple as possible. If you want to take back the CD after submitting it to the magazine, please attach an envelope with a return post. Please note that even if you do it, CD may become their attribute. All points are good.

How to Get Your Photos Featured in Magazines

If you have other issues that need to be resolved, please attach a brief description of your CD or call them. Please note that your worries may not be resolved regardless of your problem (after all, these people are very busy), but you can at least give it a try. No matter what you do, don’t submit very large images, especially if they haven’t solicited them. It takes up a lot of space and may be difficult to read. Only send images related to images for which a specific topic has been posted. Do not submit the memory card by the camera, but make sure to submit the images on the CD in the form required by the camera, which can withstand the tight loss. Make sure that the quality of the CD used is high enough and the quality of the image is good enough.

If you get it right, you can successfully submit your image to the magazine, so that might give you a full-time job, taking photos for the publication – maybe even one of the magazines you submit and accept to the magazine . In any case, it’s a good idea to do this on your resume, so as long as the publication invites you to do so, continue to submit it. It may only be a path to a new career.